Data, Transparency, & Accountability

Policy Overview

The U.S. education system continues to fail millions of students—particularly Black, Latinx, and indigenous students; students from low-income families; English learners; students with disabilities; and students living in rural communities—by providing them with an inequitable education that does not prepare them for success in school, in their careers, or in life. Data, transparency, and accountability can help inform remedies to correct those historic inequities.

We advance policies that will equip families, educators, and public officials with clear, objective, and comparable data to identify struggling schools; guardrails to hold schools accountable for closing opportunity gaps; and supports for continuous school improvement to provide students from historically disadvantaged groups with a high-quality public education. We also seek to ensure that policymakers at all levels of government are held accountable for aligning policies with the best available evidence so that public funds truly serve their intended beneficiaries.

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