Resource Equity

We support student-centered policies to grow public education funding overall, level it up for those currently disadvantaged, and increase access to effective teachers and quality resources for those students historically denied, so that all students are finally given the tools for success.

Data, Transparency, & Accountability

We advance policies that will equip families, educators, and public officials with clear, objective, and comparable data to identify struggling schools; guardrails to hold schools accountable for closing opportunity gaps; and supports for continuous school improvement to provide students from historically disadvantaged groups with a high-quality public education. We also seek to ensure that policymakers at all levels of government are held accountable for aligning policies with the best available evidence so that public funds truly serve their intended beneficiaries.

Higher-Ed Quality & Affordability

Too many colleges and universities serve as gatekeepers to opportunity, admitting and graduating abysmally small numbers of Black and Latino students, and students from low-income families—perpetuating gaps in opportunity, earning potential, and career advancement.  We support policies that:

Teacher Quality & Preparation

We support policies that promote innovation and improvements in teacher preparation, reward excellent teachers who teach in high-needs schools and subjects, and diversify the teaching pipeline, so that no student is denied the opportunities unlocked by excellent educators.

Public School Choice

We believe every parent deserves the right to select from an array of free public-school options—including traditional public schools, magnet schools and career academies, and public charter schools—to ensure equity in opportunity and transparency around results. Our focus is on ensuring all parents—particularly Black and Latino parents and low-income parents—are able to access a high-quality public school that meets their child’s needs.