Shavar Jeffries in New York Daily News | The Establishment Bernie Sanders Likes

Federal Policy

February 19, 2016

In the New York Daily News, DFER President Shavar Jeffries calls out the flip-flops and hypocrisy in Bernie Sanders’ education record.

As the next round of hand-wringing over the Democratic race commences, those of us who are focused on education policy have our own questions.

First, why, when Democrats need a broad coalition of Latino and African-American voters, are our candidates shying away from an issue that consistently ranks at the top of those voters’ concerns-access to high-quality education?

And, second, why is no one calling out the flip-flops and hypocrisy in Bernie Sanders’ record on education? It reinforces his greatest perceived weakness — that he is incapable of putting together the diverse coalition necessary to win. And it undermines his greatest strength — the perception that he is ideologically consistent.

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