Harrison leads the implementation of issue and electoral campaigns to advance DFER's education policy priorities. He directs extensive in-house services in support of our state and national objectives including polling, candidate/issue research, voter turnout analysis and full-scale campaign planning.

He has overseen DFER's polling in hundreds of races the past three election cycles at every level of government; including a 2022 national poll of battleground congressional districts evaluating voter trust towards Democrats on education issues and DFER's 2021 post election polling of the Virginia Gubernatorial election and the role school closures and curriculum fights had on the outcome.

Harrison Farnsworth serves as the Vice President of Campaigns for Democrats for Education Reform (DFER). He was previously the deputy organizing director for the Iowa Democratic Party and previously working with DFER as a regional political coordinator. Prior to these roles, Farnsworth worked on various campaigns, including both President Obama's campaigns, Patty Murray's senate campaign in Washington state, and more.

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