DFER LA PAC Announces 41 Endorsements for 2019 Statewide Elections


September 16, 2019

DFER LA PAC Announces 41 Endorsements  for 2019 Statewide Elections DFER LA PAC will also support Governor Edwards re-election effort Election Day is Sat., October 12th; Early Voting is September 28th-October 5th NEW ORLEANS, LA– Today, Democrats for Education Reform Louisiana announces endorsements for 41 candidates from across the state who are seeking a seat in the Louisiana Legislature and the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE), as well as Governor John Bel Edwards in his re-election effort.  DFER LA State Director, Eva Kemp released the following statement alongside these endorsements: “Since 2017, DFER Louisiana has worked to recruit and train Democrats of all stripes across Louisiana to run for the Legislature this year. Through the recruitment and endorsement process, DFER LA PAC has chosen to support leaders who champion high-quality public school options for every student across Louisiana, no matter their zip code. We believe that the Democratic Party should be the party that champions opportunity, excellence and equity for Louisiana’s school children. This year’s election cycle provides an opportunity to elect Democrats who will support issues and policies that do just that.”  For the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE), DFER LA PAC is endorsing:
  • BESE District 2:   Kira Orange Jones; and
  • BESE District 8:   Preston Castille.
For the Louisiana Senate, DFER LA PAC is endorsing: 
  • Senate District 2:     Sen. Edward “Ed” Price
  • Senate District 3:     Rep. John H. Bagneris and Brandon Gregoire
  • Senate District 5:     Sen. Karen Carter Peterson
  • Senate District 12:   Darrell Fairburn;
  • Senate District 14:   former Sen. Cleo Fields;
  • Senate District 16:   Beverly Brooks Thompson
  • Senate District 24:   Sen. Gerald Boudreaux;
  • Senate District 28:   Rep. Robert Johnson
  • Senate District 29:   Sen. Jay Luneau
  • Senate District 38:   Katrina D. Early; and
  • Senate District 39:   Sen. Gregory Tarver.
For the Louisiana House of Representatives, DFER LA PAC is endorsing:
  • House District 3:   Daryl Joy Walters
  • House District 10: Creighton Wilson
  • House District 16: Alicia “Cocoa” Calvin and Frederick D. Jones;
  • House District 18: Rep. Jeremy S. LaCombe
  • House District 21: C. Travis Johnson
  • House District 28: Marcus Johnson and Donald Milligan
  • House District 32: former Rep. Herman Ray Hill
  • House District 34: Kevin D. Guidry;
  • House District 38: “Phil Cowboy” Lemoine;
  • House District 40: Rep. Dustin Miller;
  • House District 58: Rep. “Ken” Brass
  • House District 63: Rep. Barbara West Carpenter and former Rep. Dalton Honore;
  • House District 66: Morgan Lamandre
  • House District 67: Leah Cullins and Larry Selders;
  • House District 68: Taryn C. Branson;
  • House District 75: Rep. Malinda Brumfield White;
  • House District 83: James C. Simmons, Jr.
  • House District 87: Rep. Rodney Lyons Sr.;
  • House District 91: Carling Dinkler IV
  • House District 97: Ethan Ashley;
  • House District 99: Adonis C. Exposé; and
  • House District 100: Jason Hughes.
“DFER LA PAC also endorses Governor John Bel Edwards as he seeks re-election. Governor Edwards has championed commonsense policies that benefit Louisiana’s students and families both inside and outside of the classroom, including a permanent teacher pay raise and an increase in the per pupil funding for K-12 schools, eliminating corporal punishment for students with exceptionalities, overhauling Louisiana’s criminal justice system, and expanding Medicaid for Louisianans,” said Kemp. “We will work alongside Democrats from across the state to ensure Governor Edwards has four more years to move Louisiana forward and make it a better place for us all to live.” The primary election for the Legislature, the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, the Governor’s race and other statewide races will be on Saturday, Oct. 12. Early voting will take place Saturday, Sept. 28 through Saturday, Oct. 5 (except Sunday, Sept. 29) from 8:30 a.m.-6 p.m. ### Contact: Leslie Leavoy, leslie@dfer.org