DFER NY Chair, Former State Sen. Craig Johnson Issues Statement on NY Budget

New York

April 1, 2015

Johnson thanks Gov. Cuomo for pushing for key reforms and calls budget opening salvo in push to keep education reform front and center during 2016 election cycle

New York, NY — The Chair of Democrats for Education Reform New York, former New York State Senator Craig Johnson, issued the following statement on the New York State budget compromise:

“Gov. Cuomo said from the outset that this year’s budget needed to focus on New York’s students–and he has delivered a budget that puts in place key reforms to improve our students’ access to the high-quality schools they deserve.

“This budget sets the stage for what is possible not only in New York, but in states around the country as more Democrats are willing to stand up for the sensible changes we know will strengthen schools for millions of children nationwide.

“So now what? We push to ensure the details are implemented properly, and not lost in the regulations that the New York Department of Education writes. We push to ensure that budgets around the country take a similar approach: keep investing in what is working and get rid of what’s not. And we consider this just the opening salvo in the battle to ensure that sensible, proven education reforms are not undermined by powerful special interests as we enter the 2016 presidential campaign.

“In short: Thank you Gov. Cuomo. Now back to work.”