WA Governor proposes new Department of Education

By Robin Lake, DFER-WA Steering Committee Chair
Yesterday Governor Christine Gregoire proposed the creation of a new Department of Education headed by a Governor-appointed State Education Secretary — a shot across the bow to the office of the elected Superintendent of Public Instruction. In my view this is a well-needed move and sets Washington up to, as the Governor says, “stop planning and start doing,” with a statewide strategic plan and clearer accountability for results. If the proposal goes through, it will mean a major power (and responsibility) shift to the Governor and her appointee. This positions us to stop letting our fractured education governance structure impede progress, but it won’t make a difference for kids unless this and the next governor can articulate a clear and compelling vision for how to enact breakthrough reforms with little or no new money.
For more information on the Governor’s announcement, click here.