Ten Essential Policy Changes for a Truly Progressive Education System in New York City


DFER recommends what key education issue areas Mayor de Blasio should take action on during his first four years in office. Income inequality is a central plank of the Mayor’s agenda, but to fix this problem it is also crucial to address education inequity in NYC.

In the paper, DFER presents a 10-point approach for reducing income inequality and improving educational opportunities that focus on the following four issue areas:

Developing High-Quality Pre-Kindergarten: “Although it may be easier to stretch the city’s available funds in a rush to make pre-kindergarten universal, we urge Mayor de Blasio to maintain a careful focus on ensuring that every seat open to our youngest students is of the highest quality.”

Improving the Open Enrollment System For High Schools: “Although New York City officials are quick to claim to low-income families that open enrollment provides equal access to the city’s finest public schools, today’s complicated and unfair system erects barriers between high- and low-income neighborhoods and offers fewer choices to those who have been previously given fewer opportunities.”

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