Nutter Calls Bull on Bogus Attack Ads

Kudos to Mayor Nutter for calling bull on recent ads misrepresenting his record on ed funding thrown together by the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers (PFT).

In the face of massive state cuts to public education, Nutter has fought to increase education funding for the children of Philadelphia by $155 million annually during his past few years in office, and has worked to improve the influx of cash to the city’s schools by proposing new taxes on vices such as soda, liquor, and cigarettes. Sadly, his proposals — which have the potential to bring $120 million per year to Philly’s schools — have been ignored by leadership at both the city and state level.

In his YouTube response, Nutter encouraged the PFT’s leaders to learn something from their kids on truth telling, grading the PFT a big fat F. We couldn’t agree more with that evaluation. It’s clear the mayor isn’t pulling any punches when it comes to funding Philly schools.

Way to set an example for kids as they start a new school year PFT. We can see your noses growing from here.