DFER-LA State Director on Recent 1st Circuit Court of Appeals Ruling



DFER-LA State Director Issues Statement Following Recent 1st Circuit Court of Appeals Ruling

State Director disappointed in Court’s denial of Motion for Stay
Funding for Type 2 charter schools will be denied


NEW ORLEANS, LA – Following this morning’s hearing before the 1st Circuit Court of Appeals, in which Judge Fields denied the Motion for Stay on the permanent injunction that was handed down nearly two weeks ago that ruled the funding granted to Type 2 charter schools through the Minimum Foundation Program (MFP) is unconstitutional, Democrats for Education Reform-Louisiana’s State Director Eva Kemp issued the following statement:

“We are deeply disappointed with the Court’s decision to deny the defendant’s Motion for Stay this morning,” said Kemp. “As an advocate, DFER’s top priority is to ensure no harm is done to students that are currently enrolled in these schools that fall under the purview of this ruling. By denying the Motion for Stay, these public charter schools’ funding will be immediately stripped in the middle of school year, thereby endangering thousands of students and their families.

“This is simply unacceptable. To be clear, DFER will continue to work alongside BESE, the Louisiana Department of Education, the Louisiana Association of Public Charter Schools, and other local education partners and stakeholders as an appeal is filed with the Supreme Court to ensure these schools continue to receive funding they are entitled to as public schools. The damage of this ruling is such that it could cause nearly 17,000 students and teachers to be in danger of losing the choice of where to attend school or a choice of teaching positions. Moreover, it’s equally important to protect other special schools across Louisiana including schools for adjudicated youth, schools for disabled students, and schools that serve gifted and talented students from losing their funding.

“A decision of this magnitude would undoubtedly turn back the clock on the progress our public education has made over the last several years due, in part, to public schools like Type 2 charters that have opened their doors to students and families seeking a better option. We refuse to allow politics to take precedent over the best interests of students across the state. We expect the Supreme Court will make the right decision for Louisiana’s children should the Court decide to hear the case.

“The Court of Appeals ruling is a real setback to a successful decade-long effort by reform leaders to improve educational outcomes for all children in our state,” said former U.S. Senator and DFER Advisory Board Member Mary L. Landrieu. “Charter schools provide choice to parents, flexibility to educators and create spaces for innovation. Nearly 17,000 students and their families are counting on this decision to be reversed and I expect that to happen should the Supreme Court decide to hear this case. I sincerely hope the Supreme Court will look carefully at this case and see the progress and promise of these schools.”


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