DFER CT Statement on CT Supreme Court Ruling ON CCJEF v Rell



DFER CT Statement on CT Supreme Court Ruling on CCJEF v Rell:
Connecticut Students Will Suffer From the Status Quo of Inequitable Funding Without Additional Legislative Action


In response to the Connecticut Supreme Court’s decision on CCJEF v. Rell, Democrats for Education Reform CT released the following statement from State Director Amy Dowell:

“With all due respect for the careful judicial process that considered this complex case, this decision is yet another stark reminder that – without additional commitment from the Legislature for fair and progressive funding for public education, the true genesis of this case – many Connecticut students will continue to suffer from the status quo of struggling school districts. 

“Without more equitable funding, many strained school districts in Connecticut will never be able to afford the reforms and fixes that are essential to improving education for all of our students including competitive teaching salaries, better facilities and enhanced professional development. 

“While we support the legislative leaders who worked diligently to make significant gains in transparency and a prioritization of individual student need – including poverty – in the new education funding formula adopted in the most recent State Budget, we know that there is still much more to do to make education funding more fair and more progressive.  We call on Education Committee leadership to seize this opportunity to improve the unacceptable status quo and make this a priority and reality this legislative session.”

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