DFER Statement on the Senate Confirmation Hearing for Betsy DeVos



DFER Statement on the U.S. Senate Confirmation Hearing for Secretary of Education-Designate Betsy DeVos

DFER National President Shavar Jeffries calls for clarity on DeVos’ strategy, tactics to end severe disparities in public education – and a denunciation of Trump’s divisive rhetoric

Washington, DC –Democrats for Education Reform (DFER) National President Shavar Jeffries released the following statement on the confirmation hearing of Secretary-designate Betsy DeVos:

“From what we know about the education agenda of President-elect Trump and Mrs. DeVos, we are deeply troubled. There is simply too much at stake to allow a rollback of hard-won bi-partisan progress on critical matters of oversight, accountability and higher standards. Too many strides have been made on behalf of students of color and low-income kids in both urban and rural communities under President Obama’s historic leadership to consider counterproductive policies that would reverse that progress.

“We are concerned about attempts to drain Title I of essential funding and efforts to gut meaningful government mandates to ensure schools perform well for kids. We hope that Mrs. DeVos will hold Title I investments harmless in any expansion of parental-choice opportunities, and protect low-income students and kids of color from discriminatory policies that undermine their potential. We also hope that Mrs. DeVos will unambiguously express support for higher standards and effective government accountability in any choice proposal put forth by the incoming administration.

“We continue to be disturbed by Trump’s expressions of support for discriminatory practices that target ethnic children and religious minorities. If Mrs. DeVos is confirmed, we hope the Secretary-designate leverages her office to put our children ahead of discrimination, harmful policies and anti-government ideology. Over the next four years, DFER will work with any policymaker who puts kids and communities first to fight for more – not less – public investment in public education.”


You can also view DFER’s questions for Secretary-designate DeVos, online here.

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