ERNA Warns Republicans Over Impact of Education Disinvestments

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August 23, 2023

Proposed Republican Budget Would Decimate Federal Funding to the Most Vulnerable Schools

NEW YORK, N.Y. (AUGUST 23, 2023) – Education Reform Now Advocacy (ERNA) announced a new campaign that raises concerns over the impact of Republican lawmakers’ proposed landmark disinvestment in public education.

The campaign, which targets constituents in the districts of 19 of the most vulnerable Republican members of Congress, highlights how the proposed $15 billion in cuts to Title I funding would devastate the highest need schools in their districts. The campaign calls on these members to reject their Party’s extremist budget and support critical funding for schools in their districts.

“Republicans’ proposed cuts are a slap in the face to parents and teachers across our country—particularly for low-income families and families of color who already face the greatest barriers to opportunity,” said ERNA CEO Jorge Elorza. “Voters deserve to know just how extreme Republicans have become and how little they care about providing a high-quality public education to their children.”

If the House Republicans’ budget were to pass, it would slash local school budgets by millions of dollars.

RepresentativeDistrictProposed Funding Cuts to Highest Need Schools In District
Rep. Julia Letlow(LA-5)$57 million
Rep. David Schweikert(AZ-1)$50.9 million
Rep. John Duarte(CA-13)$46.9 million
Rep. Lori Chavez-DeRemer(OR-5)$42.1 million
Rep. David Valadao(CA-22)$39.6 million
Rep. Juan Ciscomani(AZ-6)$34.6 million
Rep. Brandon Williams(NY-22)$33.4 million
Rep. Ken Calvert(CA-41)$32.1 million
Rep. Mike Lawler(NY-17)$29 million
Rep. Don Bacon(NE-2)$26.9 million
Rep. Michelle Steel(CA-45)$26.6 million
Rep. Marc Molinaro(NY-19)$26.5 million
Rep. Mike Garcia(CA-27)$25.8 million
Rep. John James(MI-10)$24.1 million
Rep. Lauren Boebert(CO-3)$22.2 million
Rep. Jen Kiggans(VA-2)$21.8 million
Rep. Zach Nunn(IA-3)$21.1 million
Rep. Anthony D’Esposito(NY-4)$12.7 million
Rep. Thomas Kean Jr.(NJ-7)$8.7 million
Proposed Funding Cuts to Title I Programs

“At a time when so many of our students are still struggling to recover from pandemic related-learning loss, we should be investing in more innovative, evidence-based resources—like tutoring programs and summer learning—particularly for the students who need them most, not taking them away,” added Elorza. “This proposed budget caves to extremist politics and is far out of step with what American voters want.”


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