Professional naysayers’: Mayor Eric Adams rips Albany on school control

In The News

June 3, 2022

From The New York Post

By: Georgett Roberts,  Cayla Bamberger, and  Sam Raskin

Jacquelyn Martell — state director for Democrats for Education Reform, a pro-charter school group — blasted members of the state’s legislative chambers for proposing the two-year extension. 

“It’s disappointing that leaders in Albany are only willing to give New York City’s Black mayor and his Black chancellor just a two year extension,” she told The Post in an email late Tuesday. 

“This is a mayor who, not only has first-hand experience as a student in the NYC public schools system, but who is serious about including parents in the decision-making process,” Martell added. “Mayoral control and accountability has boosted academic results for Black and Brown students for nearly two decades. Why would we limit that growth to only two more years?”

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