COVID-19 Response: High Dosage Tutoring to Accelerate Student Learning


July 29, 2020

Nicholas Munyan-Penney and Charles Barone

Read more about HDT in our latest policy brief.  

As COVID-19 continues to disrupt schooling for millions of children across our country, affluent families are hiring private teachers and tutors to offer one-on-one or small group instruction this fall. Our public education system should provide similar modes of personalized instruction to students whose parents cannot afford it—especially those most negatively impacted by closures.
High-dosage tutoring (HDT) would allow districts to provide personalized academic intervention that helps students to more quickly access grade-level content after months out of the classroom. 
Research shows the HDT can be an effective strategy to support academic gains for all students—particularly historically underserved students and students in need of additional academic support.
Now is the perfect time for districts to incorporate HDT into their instructional practices: 

  1. Due to interruptions in higher education and a difficult job market, districts will likely have a larger pool of potential tutors than they would during a typical year. 
  2. Tutors can help supplement learning time—helping to relieve some of the burden from educators.
  3. HDT can be used to support in-person instruction, as well as virtual instruction—a necessity given the uncertainties of COVID-19. 

HDT also pairs perfectly with statewide, diagnostic assessments, which can help inform personalized instructional practices.

Read more about HDT in our latest policy brief.  

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